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Technical Bureau

Technical Bureau – 2016-2018

The ABU Technical Bureau consists of 18 members elected by the Technical Committee, who hold office for two years.

The composition of the Bureau is designed to ensure representation of all categories of members. Chairmen of the Topic Areas serve as ex-officio members.

The Bureau meets twice each year (mid-year and during the ABU annual meetings).

The next meeting of the ABU Technical Bureau will be in Chengdu, Sichuan, PR of China on 30 October.

Elections were held at the ABU Technical Committee Meeting on 22 October 2016 in Bali.

The 18 members elected to the ABU Technical Bureau are Phoenix TV-Hong Kong, EAP-Sri Lanka, NBT-Thailand, TBC-Tonga, MTV-Sri Lanka, NHK-Japan, TPT-Thailand, TVB-Hong Kong, TBS-Japan, IRIB-Iran, KBS-Korea, DDI-India, Mediacorp-Singapore, RTM-Malaysia, TRT-Turkey, RRI-Indonesia, SBC-Saudi Arabia and RTPRC-China.

Mr Masakazu Iwaki was re-elected as the Chairman of the ABU Technical Committee.

The three Vice-Chairmen elected were Mr Tharaka Mohotty of MTV-Sri Lanka, Mr Lasantha Samaranayake of EAP-Sri Lanka and Dr Kong Bin of RTPRC-China.  The Honorary Vice-Chairman from the host of the 2017 General Assembly, RTPRC-China is Mr Ding Wenhua.

The Topic Area Chairman for Production is Mr Kazim Pektas of TRT-Turkey.  Dr Narichika Hamaguchi of NHK-Japan is the Topic Area Chairman for Transmission.  Mr Tharaka Mohotty of MTV-Sri Lanka is the Topic Area Chairman for Capacity Building and Dr Li Leilei of RTPRC-China is the Spectrum Topic Area Chairman.



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